Hi, I'm Tyler

Quick Facts

  • Software engineer at Supplypike
  • Pursuing a computer science master's degree at the University of Aransas
  • Researching agent foundations through AI safety camp

Core beliefs

  • We should aim to increase understanding in the universe
  • All software and information that does not pose an existential threat should be open-sourced for everyone to access
  • All living creatures capable of experiencing suffering deserve to be treated with moral consideration.
  • Things used to be worse, and they could be better


  • Maximize the amount of experience that I have (live forever)
  • Prevent AI from taking over the world
  • Build the ultimate productivty workflow

Hot Takes

  • Browsers are an anti-pattern
  • You don't know what consciousness is
  • ML is stupid, Good old fashioned AI would have worked


  • Always in progress
  • I use arch & neovim btw
  • Everything is a function