AGI is an organization

When we think about human accomplishments we like to think that they all happened because of our intelligence. We are pretty smart right? A single human can solve complicated differential equations or persuade armies to march on a capital. But I'd argue that our abilities to do all of these things doesn't come from our minds directly, but the systems are minds are organized in.

A single human dropped into the middle of the Amazon jungle can't do all that much. Sure they can maybe build a shelter and live to be an old man, but they aren't going to build a particle accelerator. But drop the same human into a modern democratic society, and they can accomplish much. So a human in a vacuum is not that capable, but give that human access to many tools and systems that allow it to specialize and not have to worry about food and water then it can do much more. I think this is a more general concept.

You could imagine that humans were much less intelligent. You could argue that humans would not be able to build the systems we have today, so we will assume that we replace every human on earth with another one that is half as intelligent. What happens? Well I'd imagine some things stop working. Maybe GDP goes down, and some universities shut down, but would things still function at all? Could we design a better system that maybe has twice as many people but has the same output as today's civilization? We could imagine focusing much more time on education and everyone's does slightly less at their job, but there are more people on the job. We also would likely need some organizational changes or tech put in place to keep things moving smoothly.

Whenever large amounts of humans are working together there is some organizational system that humans participate in to hold things together. For most countries this is a government with some political system. A company has an organization chart and an ops teams that facilitate how people should communicate with each other. We will call these systems "orchestrators". These orchestrators are mechanisms of extracting more intelligence out of a single human. Two humans working together are not smarter than one unless they have a good plan for communication and can divide up work efficiently. The same is true of hundreds of people. That is why we need these larger organizational systems.

Now, instead of just considering humans, let's consider using an AI. AI's currently are much less capable than humans. But can we create some AI orchestrator to build something that is much more capable. I think this will be how AGI is created. We will create AI "companies" that have optimal organizational structures to multiply the power of a single GPT.